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The first seven series each contained two two-hour long episodes, covering one feature-length story.From series eight, the format was reduced to two 90-minute-long episodes.Pat is asked to investigate a fifteen-year-old case in which Gary Meadows (Steven Hartley) was murdered by his boyfriend, James Mc Cready (James Wilby), a case which was originally investigated by Mike.As the only witness to the murder was Meadows' young daughter, who was only seven-years-old at the time, she was unable to offer any kind of witness statement.When items relating to the case are found in Michael Dunn's flat, Walker has no doubt that Dunn is responsible for Julie's murder.However, when it is revealed that a frantic young officer who found Julie's body planted the evidence, Dunn's trial is thrown into jeopardy.Back on the murder squad, Pat is asked to investigate when a young mother of two, Diane Leach, is abducted from a local wood.The confession of a local sex offender complicates matters, as Pat looks into the possibility that the father of a young protégé of the woman may be responsible for her disappearance.

Five-year-old girl Julie Harris goes missing from home after being seen playing in the local playground.David Hayman stars as the main protagonist of the series, DCS Michael "Mike" Walker.Throughout the series, he has two main sidekicks: DI Pat North (Kate Buffery) and DCI Róisín Connor (Victoria Smurfit).When Morton's accomplice confesses to murder, Walker is suspicious.

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Fifteen-year-old Cassie Booth goes missing whilst doing her local paper round, and her blood-stained clothes are later found in a nearby boathouse during a police search.Each episode makes frequent use of split screen scenes, with usually three images shown in one screen.

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