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Special semantics regarding UNION can also be employed to allow “recursive” queries, where a SELECT statement can draw upon the set of rows that have previously been selected.CTEs can also be applied to DML constructs UPDATE, INSERT and DELETE on some databases, both as a source of CTE rows when combined with RETURNING, as well as a consumer of CTE rows. This is used to support backend-specific prefix keywords such as those provided by My SQL.Also note that ordering partitioners always order token values by bytes (so even if the partition key is of type int, By default, CQL only allows select queries that don’t involve “filtering” server side, i.e.queries where we know that all (live) record read will be returned (maybe partly) in the result set. This dictionary provides a list of argument names accepted by various schema-level constructs on behalf of a dialect.New dialects should typically specify this dictionary all at once as a data member of the dialect class.The use case for ad-hoc addition of argument names is typically for end-user code that is also using a custom compilation scheme which consumes the additional arguments.Compare this Clause Element to the given Clause Element.

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Of course, both query may return very large result set in practice, but the amount of data returned can always be controlled by adding a because Cassandra cannot guarantee that it won’t have to scan large amount of data even if the result to those query is small.

For DBAPIs which do not natively support returning values (i.e.

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