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29-May-2016 18:51

Seung Hun was suspected to have met Yifei’s family as well.

The next morning, Yifei’s mother was seen in a car sending Yifei’s grandparents to the airport. work crew were shocked to learn the news, and said that it did not look like a deliberate publicity stunt for the movie. Source:, Yes Entertainment This article is written for

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Today, Chinese media took photos of the pair on a date in China.

[ 11, -2] I bet Song Seung Hun acted all high and mighty with the Korean girls he dated but he's practically crawling on the floor for Liu Yifei 6. She hasn't shot a drama or variety since 2006 and only shoots movies but her public popularity remains the highest its ever been ㅋㅋㅋ She's 172 cm tall, took classes in dance and ballet, speaks English and Japanese, graduated from Beijing's film school ㅋㅋㅋ hasn't had a scandal in over 10 years... [ 4,232, -72] Journalists shouldn't be so eager to call him a son-in-law until marriage announcements are made 2.

If they were to break up, Liu Yifei doesn't have much to lose since she's still young, talented, and rich enough to move on but Song Seung Hun is in his forties now, the impact will last for a while 5.

Article: [Exclusive] Song Seung Hun already playing the role of potential son-in-law Source: Sports Seoul via Nate 1. I hope they get married and he can have a successful career in China and bring in that Chinese money. [ 595, -40] So if Fan Bing Bing somehow gets married to a Korean, we'll have China's top 3 female stars then? [ 498, -45] Apparently Liu Yifei's family is worth 10 trillion... Honestly, if she really did have that kind of money, what would she be wasting her energy being an entertainer for. [ 833, -142] If Song Seung Hun ends up getting married to her, he'll definitely be one of the top 3 success stories of celebrities 4. Song Seung Hun has a lot to gain out of this marriage..

[ 10, -5] It's none of my business but I think she could do better... [ 9, -0] He has his life on the line for her ㅋㅋㅋㅋ - Source: Daum 1. [ 86, -22] I mean her family is worth 10 trillion but if you really look into it, that money belongs to her father's friend whom she doesn't share an ounce of blood with. [ 65, -11] I wonder if they can even communicate with each other? she's honestly got everything from looks to stats to money. [ 2,499, -45] Journalists want him to get married to her so badly 3. [ 119, -14] Liu Yifei may not be that well known in Korea but she's Asia's superstar. Her father was a diplomat and is a famous lawyer now while her godfather is one of the richest in China. Song’s agency has also confirmed the breakup, and admitted that their hectic schedule was the main reason why they decided to end the relationship.

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