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Sometimes it`s all about the gamble and the bag of money which comes along with winning.2 Merry-Go-Round Dreams Amazing Adventures The Lost Tomb (Seek & Find Game) Age Of Emerald Gems Legend - Mystery of the 8 figures Janes Hotel Astro Menace The Scruffs (Seek & Find Game) Tamale Loco - Rumble in the Desert II Page 8 Return to Wonderland - Platinum Val Gor - Dark Lord Of Magic Deer Drive - Action Hunting Game Disney's: Aladdin's Magic Carpet Racing Disney's: The Little Mermaid Pinball Disney's: Mahjongg Happy Melodies Word Zip Mahjongg Valentines Coffee House Chaos Season Match Deadhunt Jericho Mirage Page 9 Ballance Diner Dash Home Town Hero American History Lux Terrorist Takedown = (187Mb) Hidden Relics (Seek & Find Game) Family Feud - Holiday Edition War Chess Merriam Websters Spell Jam Pile and Pop Svetlograd Ge Ball Trivial Pursuit: Bring On The 90's Page 10 Trivial Pursuit Silver Screen Edition Virtual Villagers - Halloween Edition Wild Thornberrys Australian Wildlife Rescue Hard Hittin Hockey Word Island Touchdown Madness Mixem Deluxe Build-a-lot The Great Sea Battle Wedding Dash Game House Scrabble Game House Word Collection Page 11 Egyptian Addiction Backspin Billiards Puzz Loop Nanda's Island Ashley Jones and the Heart of Egypt Snapshot Adventures Wheel of Fortune 2 The Butler Did It! - Plumeboom's Friends Fashion Solitaire (Retail) Disney's: Princess Fashion Boutique (CD Only 1 to 1 = 316Mb) Platypus 2 Page 105 Slingo Quest Hawaii Rail of War Balloon Bliss Elias The Mighty Table Tennis Pro Boggle Airstrike 2 & Airstrike 2 - Gulf Thunder Page 106 Void War Boulder Dash Episode III: Final Blast Academy of Magic Word Spells Clayside Diamond Drop 2 Westward 2 - Heroes of the Frontier (Retail) The Price Is Right (Big Fish = 108Mb) In Living Colors! Arctic Quest 2 Disney's: Trivia Time Dream Match Tennis Upwords Deluxe Ballhalla Page 12 Fragile Ball Word Em Magik Word Wordigo Dracula Twins (100% Working) Puzzle Mania Fairy Tower - Pinball Apiary Quest Mystery Case Files Madame Fate (Seek & Find Game = 110Mb) Home Sweet Home Disney's: Timon & Pumbaa's Jungle Games Page 13 Blupi Mania-2 Lost Treasures of El Dorado Buku Dominoes Santa Claus In Trouble Again Scrubbles Mad Magic Cake Mania 2 Lost Idols - Puzzle Crusade Crazy Stuff Flatspace II: Rise of the Scarrid Luxor 3 Jewel Craft Page 14 Mahjongg Artifacts: Chapter 2 Brain Spar Pipe World Feng Shui Mahjong Azteca Pirates: Battle for the Caribbean Arabella The Fairy Rhombis Max Jongg Cave Days Scepter of Ra Page 15 Pacific Heroes 2 = (165Mb) Claw My Exotic Farm Mythic Pearls: The Legend of Tirnanog Christmas Tale Forest Resort Loads Of Arcade Game Keys Page 16 Agatha Christie - Peril at End House (Seek & Find Game) The Bank Robber Theseus: Return of the Hero Dracula's Secrets = (170Mb) I SPY Spooky Mansion Deluxe (Puzzle/Seek & Find Game = 300Mb) Disney's: Disoku Apprentice Clonk Rage Disney's: Brother Bear = (269Mb) Alexey's Dwice Disney's: Kim Possible Legend of the Monkeys Eye Page 17 Disney's: 102 Dalmations - Puppies to the Rescue = (280Mb) Bernd The Pirate (Pre-Release Game) Coin World Fire Flower Jungle Fruit Dino Dave 2 Zamby and the Mystical Crystals Maze Fantasy Shangri La Deluxe Shangri La 2 Deluxe Mystical Mahjong Foxy Jumper 2 Foxy Jumper 2 Winter Adventures Page 18 Flugratten - Stop Pigeons! 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Hammerfall Storm Angel Jet Jumper Page 107 Master of Defense Trials 2 - 3D Stone Loops! Alexandru Muraru Matei Toșa Alexandra Mocan WWKD is an abbreviation for “What Would Kierkegaard Do”, and the expression is developed around some matters which concern part of Kierkegaard`s philosophy- our position around it being mostly distant rather than determined to dig into the depths of the knowledge he left us (cause if we would, we may regret it).It`s an irony which reminds of the popular bracelets engraved with the initials WWJD (What Would Jesus Do) stating in this context the need to reflect ourselves into some things we admire We`re not really asking ourselves what K.Self-appreciation is usually shaped like this, self-depreciation as well.

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Artwork: Alexandra Mocan Via Colectiva Silver Screen La MATCA 19 Ianuarie 2018 Intrare liberă!

= (130Mb) Disney's: Aladdin Pinball Mystical Sudoku My Little Flufties (Sim For Kids) Mah Jong Medley Fashion Fits El Dorado Quest Book-Of-Elements (Pre-Release Game) Egyptian Dreams 4 (Pre-Release Game) Heroes of Hellas Page 19 King Mania Engineer 2 - Master Bill Beetle Bug 2 Bone - Out From Boneville Pool House Mystical Solitaire Lucky Clover Page 20 Finkles Adventure Mini Golf Championship Flowers Story My Worst Day WW2 Charma - The Land of Enchantment Secret Chamber Marble Blast Gold Fruit'n'Berry Joe's 3-D Scavenger Hunt (Bigfish Pre-Release Kids Game) Bustout 3D Worlds Pinocchio (Pre-Release Game) Link For Loads Of Arcade Games Page 21 Venture Arctic Rock Story Gallop for Gold Cradle of Persia Mahjongg Variations Puzzle Championship - World Landmarks Edition Page 22 Disney's: Magical Racing Tour PDC - World Championship Darts = (255Mb) Space Strike Iron Space 2 Halloween Night - Pumpkin Match Abra Academy: Returning Cast (Seek & Find Game) Exocubes Beetle Ju ( Bonus Pack) Taskforce: The Mutants of October Morgan Your Pet Hotel Assault Heroes Pyramid Runner Page 23 Disney's: Toy Story 2 Activity Center (CD Only 1 to 1 = 350Mb) The Game of Life = (384Mb) The Office Safecracker = (375Mb) I SPY Treasure Hunt (Puzzle/Seek & Find Game = 333Mb) I SPY Fantasy (Puzzle/Seek & Find Game = 459Mb) Disney's: Lion King 2 - Simba Active Play Adventure = (340Mb) Burn (Quake : Doom Clone It's Not Bad = 304Mb) Page 24 Evolution Holly - A Christmas Tale (Seek & Find Game) Scooby Doo - Frights Camera Mystery = (171Mb) Dirty Dancing - The Video Game Mr Robot Disney's: Beauty And The Beast Magical Ballroom (CD Only 1 to 1 = 548Mb) Deep Blue Sea Electro Master - Master Bill Super Granny Winter Wonderland Finders Keepers Disney's: Cinderella Castle Designer (CD Only 1 to 1 = 603Mb) Amulet Of Tricolor Disney's: Aladdin Chess Adventures (CD Only 1 to 1 = 602Mb "At Last A 100% Working Copy" Page 25 Egyptoid 2 Construction Destruction 137Mb) 7 Artifacts (Bigfish Game) Hi-5 Lets Play (One For The Kids = 349Mb) Disney's: The Quest For Aladdin's Treasure = (212Mb) Break Quest Page 26 Gish 3D Live Snooker Ball 7 Safari Photo Africa Wild Earth = (121Mb) Purble Place Protector Christmasville (Seek & Find Game) Caribbean Riddle Devastation Zone Troopers Page 27 Agent Hugo - Operation Lemoon Twist (CD Only 1 to 1 = 490Mb) Chicken Attack Deluxe Disney's: Winnie The Pooh & The Honey Tree Animated Story Book & Games (CD Only 1 to 1 = 535Mb) Word Buzz Gold Little Shop - Big City (Seek & Find Game) Ride Carnival Tycoon = (104Mb) Baby Sitting Mania Disney's: The Lion King Animated Story Book & Games (CD Only 1 to 1 = 265Mb) Disney's: 101 Dalmations Animated Story Book & Games (CD Only 1 to 1 = 428Mb) Disney's: The Hunchback Of Notredame Animated Story Book & Games (CD Only 1 to 1 = 573Mb) I SPY Mystery (Puzzle/Seek & Find Game = 327Mb) Page 28 Elf Bowling 7 1/7: The Last Insult Christmas Tree Pinball Bloxx It Fab Fashion Druids Battle Of Magic Holiday Gift - Holiday Bonus - Holiday Express Page 29 Cradle of Rome 3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures Block Breaker Deluxe Ninja Bread Man Machi Paco Scrabble Blast! 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Of Jurassica (Retail) Fashion Run (Retail) Gemsweeper Jungle Heart Page 108 Atlantis Sky Patrol Gem Ball Toy Golf 2 - Extreme (Eng Only) Charlottes: Web Word Rescue Polar Pool (New From Wild Games) Page 109 Airport Mania - First Flight (Reflexive Pre-Release Full Game) Posh Boutique (Retail) Brain Challenge PC Pets Fun House (Big Fish Pre-Release Game) Texas Hold'em Poker 3D - Deluxe Edition (The Best Poker Game By Far) Star Defender 2 - 3 & 4 Tribal Trouble Page 110 Ice Princess (Big Fish Pre-Release Game) Mythic Blades Towers Runes of Avalon Runes of Avalon 2 Feelers Mystery P. - The Vegas Heist (New Seek & Find Game - Retail) Cooking Academy (Retail) Band Of Bugs (New At Reflexive) Disney's: Cuties Crazy Daze Page 111 Disney's: Toy Story 2 - Buzz Lightyear To The Rescue Zen Gems Build-a-lot 2 - Town of the Year (Retail) Jewel Of Atlantis Summer Spin Go Diego Go - Rescue Safari (For The Kid's) Silk Wood Jumpin Jack Snow Queen Mahjong (Big Fish) Page 112 Darwinia (A Digital Dreamscape) Piles'O'Tiles - Mahjongg Lifetime - RSVP Poker Superstars III Jewel Match The Hidden Object Show (Retail - Seek & Find Game) Ninja Reflex (Steamworks Version = 177Mb) Serpengo Shopping Marathon CONTINUED ON PAGE 2 (Quick Find Page Index - Below) I will take requests guys as long as I can do or find the cracks just PM me with your request.

Scrabble Rack Attack Page 30 Words Kingdom Sveerz Deluxe Wobbly Bobbly I Spy School Days (Puzzle/Seek & Find Game = 181Mb) Kotori - Chicks n Cats Blobbeez Virtual Marbles Archmage Santas Super Friends Jonah & the Whale (Kids Story Book & Games) Riot Police Rain Talisman Page 31 Mystery in London (Seek & Find Game) Super WHATword Mahjongg - Ancient Mayas The Treasures of India Bubble Shooter Premium Edition Page 32 Arctic Stud Poker Run Pat Sajak's Lucky Letters Pat Sajaks Trivia Gems Beanotown Racing = (155Mb) Starters Orders Plots 2 Reach (Boxing) Klix 2 Mexican Motor Mafia Blackbeard's Revenge Frets on Fire Page 33 Shoot-n-Roll Mahjongg Investigations - Under Suspicion Tremulous (Online Shooter) Newspaper Puzzle Challenge - Sudoku Edition Farm Frenzy Fashion Craze Mahjong Xmas Holidays 2005 - Audio Edit Mahjong Halloween Stomping Grounds Puppy Luv Adventures = (366Mb) Page 34 Mr Big Shot Happy Hour Mah Jong Quest II Moorhuhn Kart 2 Xmas Blox (Update) Mr. All so PM me if any dead links and I will Re-up a.s.a.p. EXE Installer Programs) - Double Click To Install & Double Click For The Un-Install Menu Or Just Use Your Un-Installer Program. The Only People That Deserve Credit Are The People Who Design The Games Here.

Stuff Bubble Xmas Pogo Casino-Island-To-Go Page 35 Ice Land 2 Orbs of Alchemy Carl the Caveman Christmas Adventures Scara Ball Destiny Architect Jewel Match Winter Wonderland Depths Of Peril Bricks Of Lore Concentration Deep Sea Adventures Caribbean Mah Jong Caribbean Treasures Strange Town (Seek & Find Game) Page 36 Soccer Games Collection Mystery Club Detective Academy - Making of a Mastermind = (192Mb) Car Wash Tycoon King Of Clubs - 3D Crazy Golf (CD Only 1 to 1 = 388Mb) Knights Learn To Fly Hap Hazard Ark Light Surakarta Page 37 DX-Ball 2 Buku Kakuro Buku Sudoku Arabica Air Typer The Seal Hunter Chewsters Delicious - Winter Edition Deluxe Loco Christmas Edition Page 38 Mahjong Holidays II Jewel Quest - Solitaire II Believe In Santa 7 Wonders 7 Wonders II Jojo's Fashion Show The Lost City of Gold Dream Chronicles (Puzzle/Seek & Find Game) Aveyond 2 - Ean's Quest Docker Sokoban Page 39 Jingle Ball (Xmas) Arcadia Remix Rock Tour Tycoon = (167Mb) Crazy Golf Page 40 Travels of Marco Polo The Tuttles - Madcap Misadventures = (97Mb) Gift Shop (Xmas) Gobs of Fobs Treasures Of The Deep Cue Master Gold Karomati X 2 (No Loader - Crack Used) Spin Busta Feeders! If you get any bad GIG downloads don't be afraid to PM me and I will Re-upload All so. All Games Tested For 1 to 2 Levels/Missions Only Some Longer, I Use Windows XP Pro So I Cannot Say If Vista Will Work.

(No Loader - Crack Used) Page 41 Bliss Island Square Off Gold Rainforest Cascade Spacebound Deluxe Rainbow Web Mini Golf Master 2 The Apocalyptic Game About Penguins Car Thief 6 - Night Crime Fatal Hearts Commando Xenidis Barkanoid 2 = (110Mb) Action Ball 2 Jewel Jones Jumping Squirrel Page 42 Sam & Max - Ice Station Santa = (147Mb) Strike Ball Strike Ball 2 Santa Inc (Bigfish Pre - Release Game) Page 43 Tanks Evolution Puzzle Detective Vega$ Make It Big = (173Mb) Froggy Castle 2 Deluxe Baby Luv Fairy Jewels Page 44 Catan - The Computer Game Asterix Mega Madness = (215Mb) Evil Invasion Sunset Studio Deluxe (Seek & Find Game) Lumines = (139Mb) Absolute Blue Super Granny 4 Page 45 Turtix Arcade America (Direct Install = 183Mb) The Incredible Machine: Even More Contraptions Blokus World Tour Linkit - A Christmas Carol Redneck Kentucky (Direct Install = 192Mb) Page 46 Seeds Of Sorcery Crazy Drake Brave Piglet Nertz Solitaire Page 47 Panda Craze Gumboy Crazy Adventures Napad Tablut (Nice Board Game) Jewel Quest 2 Action Memory Project Xenoclone Jam XM Feyruna Fairy Forest Page 48 Santa Claus, Save Christmas! Hunters - The Haunting Of Majesty Manor (Seek & Find Game) Mystery Of Shark Island (Puzzle/Seek & Find Game) Sherlock Holmes - The Mystery of the Mummy (Pre-Cracked With Direct Install = 500Mb) Jewel Island Page 73 Sherlock Holmes - The Awakened (Pre-Cracked With Direct Install = 1.49Gb) Scrabble Complete (Pre-Cracked With Direct Install = 136Mb) Sherlock Holmes - The Case Of The Silver Earrings (Pre-Cracked With Direct Install = 1.24Gb) Interpol The Trail Of Dr Chaos (Puzzle/Seek & Find Game) Elements (Reflexive - Retail) Dress Shop Hop Private Eye Greatest Unsolved Mysteries (Puzzle/Seek & Find Game) Agatha Christie - Murder On The Orient Express (Pre-Cracked With Direct Install = 1.16Gb) Totem Quest Agatha Christie - Evil Under The Sun (Pre-Cracked With Direct Install = 1.24Gb) Yahtzee Fishing Craze Agatha Christie - And Then There Were None (Pre-Cracked With Direct Install = 668Mb) Page 74 The Typing of the Dead (Pre-Cracked With Direct Install = 464Mb) Secret Service - In Harms Way (Pre-Cracked With Direct Install = 440Mb) Pat Sajaks Lucky Letters - TV Guide Edition Tradewinds Legends - Unlikely Heroes Ghost In The Sheet (Big Fish = 213Mb) Beezzle Shadows Book - The Lost Pages Planet Defender Sprill I Love Lucy Slots (Big Fish Pre-Release Game) Digger Adventures Spin And Play Page 75 Sewer Run El Airplane Teddy Tavern - A Culinary Adventure Teddy Factory (Reflexive) African War Rebel Bomberman Tube Twist Diamond Dash Turbo Pizza The Sudoku Challenge Tweakie Tweak Time Breaker Dig Mc Dug Page 76 Snowball Run Sea Wolves (Great Puzzle/Boat Shooter Game = 219Mb) Aerial Mah Jong Turtle Odyssey Turtle Odyssey 2 Space Taxi 2 Picture Pyramid (Puzzle/Seek & Find Game) Koi Solitaire Moorhuhn - Heart of Tibet (100% Working = 125Mb) Rhiannons Realm - Celtic Mahjongg Walls of Jericho Word Zen - Mahjongg Reinvented Sallys Salon Page 77 Peggle Deluxe Thrillville - Off the Rails (Pre-Cracked With Direct Install = 1.51Gb) Ancient Mosaic Amazonia Games Room Excitement = (320Mb) Seven Seas Deluxe Candace Kanes Candy Factory (100% Working) Bejeweled 2 Deluxe The Sting = (208Mb) Page 78 Caveman Rock Cate West - The Vanishing Files (Retail : Seek & Find Game) Cold Fear (Pre-Cracked With Direct Install = 1.47Gb) Tri Peaks 2 - Quest For The Ruby Ring (Full Game) Abundante (New Retail) Great Secrets Da Vinci (Seek & Find Game) Hoyle - Word Games Around the World in 80 Days (New Retail) Sprill - The Mystery Of The Bermuda Triangle (Alawar Retail - Seek & Find Game) Jewels of Cleopatra Big City Adventure - Sydney Australia (Seek & Find Game) Page 79 Trick or Treat Smash Fly Chaser Butterfly Escape Fashion Boutique (Dash Game - Full V 1.0) Bottle Buster Spandex Force Beetle Bug 3 (Pre-Release) Egyptian Ball Monster Mash Tiki Boom Boom Page 80 Dairy Dash - Back To Basics (Pre-Release) Dweebs 2 - The New Breed Magic Ball 3 Bratz Super Baby = (209Mb) I SPY Junior Puppet Playhouse = (Puzzle/Seek & Find Game - 122Mb) Elythril : The Elf Treasure Fiber Twig Fiber Twig 2 Haiku Journey ABC Island Tornado Jockey (Pre-Cracked With Direct Install) Penguins! All So PM Me If You Find Any Game With A Bad Crack.

Kalima Deluxe Honey Switch Deluxe Real Estate Empire Aerial Antics Monopoly Casino - Vegas Edition Jungle Kongo Treasures of Ra Polly Pride - Pet Detective (Seek & Find Game = 139Mb) Thomas And The Magical Words Page 49 Inca Quest Hidden Secrets - The Nightmare (Seek & Find Game) Battleships 3D Bubble World Astro Avenger Ancient Tripeaks II Crystal Path Fortune Tiles Gold Hard Rock Casino Impact After The End Page 50 Xango Tango Pipsoh! (Pre-Cracked With Direct Install) Plasma Pong Page 81 Snowboard Super Jam (Pre-Cracked With Direct Install) Final Drive: Nitro (Pre-Cracked With Direct Install) Phoenix Assault (Pre-Cracked With Direct Install) Words of Light (Religious Quiz) Water in Fire 2 (Big Fish) Domino Master Gold Page 82 Blasterball 2 - Revolution (Pre-Cracked With Direct Install) Blasterball 3 (Pre-Cracked With Direct Install) Bloom Busters Merv Griffin's Crosswords Rock Garden Fate (Pre-Cracked With Direct Install) Page 83 Siberian Strike (Pre-Cracked With Direct Install) Dream Chronicles 2 - The Eternal Maze (Full Game) KISS Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child (Pre-Cracked With Direct Install = 328Mb) Terragame - Live Billiards Deluxe Sea Life Safari (Pre-Cracked With Direct Install) Magic Match Adventures (Full Game) Page 84 The Count Of Monte Cristo (Final - Seek & Find Game) Jewel Thief (Pre-Cracked With Direct Install) Shrek 2 - Ogre Bowler (Pre-Cracked With Direct Install Gazillionaire III Polar Tubing (Pre-Cracked With Direct Install) Travelogue 360 Rome - The Curse Of The Necklace (Seek & Find Game) El Tigre Festival de las Pinatas (Pre-Cracked With Direct Install) Universal Boxing Manager Ferryman Puzzle Word R. All Realarcade - Reflexive - Popcap - Game House - Some Alawar & Zylom Are Cracked By Me Using Universal Crackers, I All So Make Reg Patch Files & All Other Cracks Are Found On Crack Sites.