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23-Jan-2017 22:39

Buy one, download one for free, or get a personal trainer.

Just make sure you’re following something that was made by someone who has gone through what you’ve gone through, and who really know’s what they’re talking about.

You’re going to have to create a schedule and a list of things you’re going to say yes to, and a list of things that you’re going to say no to.

You don’t have to miss the beer with the buddies on friday nights. Having short goals that are focused on the process rather than on the results will help with this in a big way.

She talked to us about how G&S evolved from the early days of online dating and how she keeps sex party creeps at bay, and mused on the precarious position of affordable art and culture in New York. Gemini and Scorpio runs themed costume parties with live entertainment. Since our generation now does everything online, why not find dates online?

I suppose these days I should say “immersive” themed costume parties with live entertainment. That understanding wasn’t really there yet, so we started trying to write a book based on our experiences online dating, trying to explain to people that it’s actually really fun, and here’s how it can be fun.

If you mess up, it’s your fault and you’re the only one that can be held accountable. Not order, and bring your tupperware-encased meal to a fine establishement? If the meal is close to a workout, have more carbs than you would otherwise. Make sure you keep your meals high in protein, fats are okay as well, but make sure the meal is low on the glycemic index.

Not your genetics, or anything else you’ve blamed in the past. Yes you should be cooking a big meal on Sundays and using those as leftovers for the rest of the week. This means no breads, no trans fats and fried foods.

They hold wildly immersive events that riff on pop culture, like this past Halloween’s Stranger Things extravaganza, or last February’s David Bowie movie sleepover.We have to eat out every now and then just to get something in our stomach. They make us tired, and as a result, training is just about the last thing we want to do, or have time for.

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