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* Quiz yourself: almost all titles have an interactive quiz* Customize your text size and try out DARK MODEThe Spark Notes app requires an easy in-app subscription to get started.

* Full access on the go—works even when the internet doesn't, you can save your data!

"Americans' child-free years are expanding as empty-nest seniors live longer and more young adults delay or skip childbearing.

In 1960, nearly half of all households had children under 18.

A medical student who shared his notes online has found unexpected success after his popular website was voted by medical professionals as a global industry innovator.

Tom Leach, who studied medicine at Manchester University, at the Royal Bolton Hospital, initially simply shared his notes with friends – who passed them on.“One day I went into the library and there was a queue for the photocopier where people were copying my notes,” Dr Leach said.

By 2000, the portion had fallen to less than a third, and in a few short years it's projected to drop to a quarter, according to a report from the National Marriage Project." 07-07"In many cases, the trauma is unknown to parents and caregivers or never dealt with effectively.

The consequences can be devastating for the children and families involved and for society at large.

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You’ll have the first month free to see why the Spark Notes app is the best way to study on your Android device.Since creating the site in 2009, the student from Derbyshire’s small project has mushroomed.At first, it was only used by Manchester students, but word of mouth in the medical community soon got it noticed.Behavior Problems Bullying Circus Foster Parenting Games Grown Children Home Schooling Just For Teens Kindergarten Low Income Resources Marriage Parental Control Parenting Preschool Safety School Seniors Single Child Single Parenting Unschooling Virtual Communities Provides reviews of movies that include elements of lesson plans and background materials. Designed for parents, but appropriate for teachers.

Also includes a section on films that have merit, but provides reasons why the films are not a preferred medium for use in teaching children.

If you want your children's teachers to participate, you will probably need to initiate the process by asking the teachers to post their assignments on this Web site.

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