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I mean, the first time we had a glass of wine was together. Here's some unused portions of previous interview with Mark-Paul, which I think you'll find quite fascinating!

Glamour: I never would have guessed this, but your mom is Asian and your dad is Dutch, right? Glamour: And here you look like the typical California boy. With age, I think things are starting to fall a little bit.

Whatever you say.' It wasn't anything [big]. As a 2-year-old, she wants it right now and right that second. I think it was the last episode that we did, and it was kind of tying up the whole Saturday morning portion of the show.

I think people thought a lot more thought had been put into it and it hadn't. So it never stays on the show for more than a couple seconds. That was really fun, and it was kind of our last hurrah. I've stayed really close to Mark-Paul, and Elizabeth, I talk to all the time now. Tiffani: Well, you know what's so funny is that Mark-Paul and I started the show when were around 15 years old, and you don't really date until you're in your later teens.

During the casting process for Samuel “Screech” Powers, Mark-Paul Gosselaar (Zack Morris) insisted to Engel that Diamond was their guy: “That kid, Dustin, he really is Screech. However, after noticing how immature Diamond was acting, Engel grew frustrated. After “coming up dry” during casting, Engel wondered, “Where is it written that A. Casting for Kelly Kapowski came down to three actresses.

Gosselaar broke the news: “He’s only 11.” Engel had been “a stickler about ages” throughout the casting process, but he didn’t realize Diamond was so young. Tiffani Thiessen, Elizabeth Berkley and Jennie Garth all vied for the role of Kelly.

He admits he “never would have hired Dustin if I’d known that he was three years younger than he was supposed to be.” 2. Despite Thiessen being a “deer in the headlights” in the casting room in 1988, she was brought back in 1989 with “improved” acting.

“Her delivery wasn’t stellar,” Engel writes, “but she had potential.

“We don’t want to break up,” Gosselaar stated, according to the book. In 1991, Thiessen and Lopez started dating after filming the episode where the gang goes to Jessie’s father’s wedding.

Watch what Engel told Us when he sat down for a Facebook Live interview in the video above.

And below, Us Weekly rounds up seven surprising revelations from the book, out now. Dustin Diamond never would have been cast if Engel had been paying attention. He wouldn’t even need to act.” Trusting Gosselaar, who Engel called a “serious actor” and “much more professional than anyone would ever expect a 14-year-old to be,” producers hired Diamond. ” and opened up the pool of actors to “Latinos, Asians and African Americans.” Two days later, Mario Lopez “blew everyone out of the water.” Initially conceived as just a “tough kid and an Army brat,” Slater became a wrestler after showrunners discovered "that Mario was a wrestler in real life.” 3.

I was the only one born in the state of my brothers and sisters. I was promoting at the time, and I got a call from the producers of his show, and I knew what was going on because he had gotten Elizabeth Berkley on board, as well as Dennis Haskins. We were going to talk about , and then he was going to ask if I was on board for the reunion. I was thinking, What other way can I show I support , but not doing the reunion on his show?

' And so I came up with this idea [of going on as Zack Morris], and yet a lot of my friends who are producers or people in the industry said to me, It's kind of dangerous.' And actually, Jimmy, when I pitched the idea to him, said, So you're going to come out on stage as Zack, and then we are going to go to a commercial break, and you'll come back as Mark-Paul? I'll be Zack the whole time and that'll be it.' And he said, But you're going to throw away an interview.' I said, No I'm not.According to Engel, the now-iconic episode in which Jessie struggles with a caffeine pill addiction was originally supposed to be about speed.

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