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10-Jun-2016 08:38

From what we’ve heard (and this is unconfirmed), a notification has gone out from the Ministry of I&B to telecom operators asking to carry Doordarshan.

There’s a 30 second lag in terms of live streaming, since the stream goes through an additional server, we were told.

Airtel has Dabanng as exclusive content on Video Talkies, but power cuts might help drive revenues more than exclusive content.– Video Alerts: judging by this page, Airtel will have content related Video Alerts, powered by Vu Clip.– Video Calling: We did see a demo of 3G based video calls, which allow callers to see each other.

This is a product which hasn’t quite taken off globally, and will require handsets with a camera in the front as well.

Additionally, Airtel will have video alerts, instead of voice based alerts.

A factor that Kushan Mitra pointed out to me a few weeks ago, was that most mobile phone handsets in India do not have a front facing camera, which will inhibit 3G video calling in India.

You can get a glimpse of what they’re planning to launch at– Video Talkies: a video version of Audio Cinema (or Audio Talkies).

Apart from this, Airtel informs us that they’ll have video blogging and video chatting, apart from data heavy mobile comics, Baba Ramdev content (for which, as far as we know, Rajshri Media has digital rights).

There was no confirmation about whether celebrity Airtel Blogs are being converted into Video Blogs. – Video portal based turn-based mobile gaming, wherein you can dial in to play games like Chess, Battleships or Snakes & Ladders.

A full movie is crunched into 15 minutes of viewing, with popular dialogs, and and narration.

Shotformats is providing the platform for Video Talkies for Airtel, and the content is multiple content partners – some from aggregators and others from direct deals, including from UTV New Media (which was the first to launch Audio Cinema, under TN Prabhu).

– Video Greetings: we’re not sure if Voice SMS has really caught on, but it might be interesting for Airtel to seed Video SMS as “Video Greetings” instead of Video Messages, to begin with, allowing people to wish each other using video.