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According to Chico his Mentor informed about his mission to psychograph a sequence of thirty books and to achieve such a task he would require 3 mandatory conditions: "discipline, discipline and discipline".

Emmanuel instructed him to be loyal to Jesus and Kardec, even if it was against his religious basis.

Later, Xavier would claim that several deceased Poets had begun to manifest themselves through him, but they only started to identify themselves in 1931.

In 1928, he published his first psychographic messages in the newspapers "O Jornal", from Rio de Janeiro, and Almanaque de Notícias, from Portugal.

He became widely known in Brazil in 1931, when he published the book Parnassus Beyond the Tomb (), which had 259 poems allegedly composed by 56 deceased Brazilian and Portuguese illustrious Poets.

That year was marked by the medium's "adulthood" and when he firstly met his spiritual Mentor Emmanuel, "Under a tree, near a water reservoir..." (SOUTO MAIOR, 19).

Scared about the mediunity of the young boy, his father decides to hospitalize him.

Father Scarzelli; the Catholic priest examined him, and concluded that, hospitalizing the boy would be a mistake, since it was only "children's fantasy".

He was the son of João Cândido Xavier who was a lottery ticket vendor, and Maria João de Deus, a Catholic housewife., April 2, 1910 – June 30, 2002), was a popular philanthropist and medium in Spiritism.During a period of 60 years he wrote up to 450 books and several thousand letters claiming to use a process known as "psychography and after his death many dozens of books were issued based on old letters and manuscripts which gradually became public bringing the total number of books up to 496".Later on, the Medium found out that Emmanuel had been the Roman senator Publius Lentulus, further reborn as a slave who sympathized with Christianity, still in another reincarnation, had been a Jesuit priest Manuel da Nóbrega, involved with the gospel teachings during the colonial period of Brazil in the 18th century.

In 1932, the book Parnaso de Além-Túmulo, was then published by; Federação Espírita Brasileira (FEB).

The books written by Chico covered a vast range of topics from religion, philosophy, historical romances and novels, Portuguese Literature, poetry, scientific as well as thousand letters intended to inform, console and uplift the families of deceased persons during his psychografic sessions.

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