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Meanwhile, Jax's father, Jake, arrives at his home.This leads Jax to soon learn more about his family, as he meets his powerless long-lost sister, Jessie, who soon reveals that his mom, Liana, isn't dead.

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Also in the season, Emma starts to miss her mom and wants her back, so she searches for a time manipulation spell so she can go back in time to save her mom.In the season 2 finale, Diego gets Maddie out of a black hole and they kiss. Jax Novoa, a new student from Sydney, Australia, arrives at Iridium High and becomes the school's new heartthrob.Francisco has been promoted to the position as new principal and assigns Emma to help show Jax around.The Fool Moon affects Desdemona, one member of the Witches' Council, who becomes evil and plans to take Emma's powers; also, Jax and E (Emma's evil clone who was made after Jax showed Emma a new cloning spell), plan to do so, but E is defeated before she could.

At the end of season two, Jax reforms, and he, Daniel, and Emma get along.

But because of her title as the "Chosen One," Emma cannot do that, and at the same time, she doesn't want to go in the other direction.

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