Liberal women dating conservative man

13-May-2016 04:33

Assortative mating as a sociological concept is worth studying, but the proper response is not to pin the “problem” on women and ask them to “solve” it by swiping right on men they know they’ll come into conflict with.

Assertive mating, in other words, is a very good thing indeed.

You mean like passing judgment on people who don't think exactly as we do?

OP, I am not all together sure that it was the issue of liberal vs. I think it was more like the fact that politics seemed to be the only topic of conversation that her date wanted to chat about.

forget it, you can't tell them anything nor get them to understand the question you just asked. But they were not obsessed with politics and neither was extreme leaning either way; they were married for way over 50 years, until my father died. However, the guy the OP describes sounds like someone who is too into politics, like someone who would never let up, and that, rather than their different viewpoints, is what would probably make a relationship not workable. Most men in their 50's and certainly in their 60's would prefer to date younger women. That would be a man who can think for himself and figure out the truth with little or no guy sounds like a total windbag.

She'll get burned badly; keep your distance so you're not caught in the fallout. She gave almost a play by play, right outta the rule book, lol!

“This type of assertive mating,” reads the blurb above the piece, “is one factor that allowed for the rise of a candidate like Donald Trump.” This is a glorious, even Freudian, typo (which has since been fixed). Laber, goes on to describe “assortative” (not “assertive”) mating, the like-marries-like phenomenon by which people with similar backgrounds and beliefs couple up to produce offspring with those same backgrounds and beliefs.

That, Laber claims, has pushed the left further to the left and the right further to the right, opening a “schism” that politicians such as Trump have exploited. Studies have shown that assortative mating leads to increased socioeconomic stratification.

I have been in a couple of relationships before where the politics (as well as religion) were not a good match and it eventually ended up being a disaster. I get no kick out defending my beliefs and being called a bleeding heart librul. Funny, yanno, in my whole life, which is getting to verge on lengthy, I've *never* gotten the ol' contemptuous eye roll from a librul.

The one conservative guy eventually used such tones (smug and demeaning) with me that I had to call an end to it. I even make it very clear in my profile by stating "If you are non-religious and not a Republican ... I can always tell when a "religious" man writes me ... My mom's sister was an Orange County Conservative, married to an FDR Liberal. They were both active politically, and attended each other's party functions. (I am not a bleeding heart librul -- I am a FLAMING LIBRUL!!!

These gaps in income and education contribute to political polarization as much as if not more than the ideologically aligned marrying each other based on ideology alone. Laber muddles Americans’ abstract tendency to self-sort based on background with women’s — and men’s!