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Thick leather bands round her wrists and shapely ankles were attached to chains which were in turn fastened to more leather that held the chains tightly in place in discrete and specially designed niches set into the highly polished walnut and vaguely Art Deco head and footboards, holding her immobile.

Naked and spread-eagled, with just a tiny patch of trimmed pubic hair to cover any modesty that she might have left.

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Studying the creature from every angle while he watched for signs of movement, or anything which might mean danger, but the creature seemed thankfully inert at the moment. "Come here." He said quietly, noticing that Bandy's head seemed to have stopped deflating, "It's all right I haven't killed her! Bandy still stood in front of them seemingly unruffled by the deflation of her head. " It was one of those remarks that didn't necessarily sound sarcastic, but which required him to turn round and study Sheila's face just to make sure. " He looked at her quizzically for a moment and then it dawned on him. All the times she had been blindfolded and her ears plugged. And all the time she was whistling something, fairly tunelessly, through her teeth. " He slapped them into her hand as if giving them to a surgeon. Trying to pry it open with the screwdriver had proved a disaster and had left him with a cut hand and her with a torn top. She can't stay in there forever and we're just making things worse! I always hear YOU.." He winced at the still quite painful memory of the time he had mummified her, at her own request and, with great care and attention, proceeded to blindfold her, gag her, plug her ears and place tubes in her nostrils to restrict her breathing only to have her hear every word he had said to her whilst apparently oblivious to everything. "Mmm, but that's different, you've never been looked in a box with no obvious way of getting out." She looked at him sharply. Something vaguely wistful that suggested that it would, somehow, be a good idea, but before she could say anything he had moved back to the couch, hefted up the circular saw and placed it on the nearest corner of the box that had become their nemesis. You can't protect me all your bloody life, now let go! It was cold and slimy, the way you would expect a snake to feel and it was still moving back and then finally it dawned on him. The bedroom door swung open flooding the room with light. " Very slowly he took her hands by the wrist and lowered them until they were at her sides. Much grimmer than she could ever recall seeing before. " To call her reply snotty would have been an understatement. " She realised what he was doing as he was talking. Sheila, who, he was convinced, was somehow related to the mule family, was not prepared to play ball. He personally thought that "great big Rottweiller" would have been a more adequate description but as he watched her now he couldn't put the image of a small Jack Russell worrying at a bone out of his mind. The top was smooth and it was nailed in place, the nails fitting into bevels like screws and impervious to pliers. " He reached out and touched it as well and his spine juddered. When some senses are taken away others tend to be heightened and although the noise at the bedroom door would have gone unnoticed by most people, the woman on the bed heard it clearly and strained, just a little, at the chains that held her in place. Something was beginning to rise from out of its padded confines. Sheila was standing next to him, her hand still in his, unable to take her eyes from the glistening creature that was emerging, like a monstrous butterfly, from its cocoon. She wore nothing else apart from a large, pink and obviously wet ball gag, the largest size available, held in her mouth by a thick black leather strap that was buckled tightly, she might say too tightly, if indeed she could speak at all, at the back of her head.

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Something alive because its breathing could now be heard very clearly, rasping back and forth, in and out, slowly and deeply, resounding from corner to corner of the smoke filled room and adding greatly to the air of unreality. The only lighting came from two small halogen spotlights set in the ceiling, but the tall woman would not have been aware of them because over her eyes was a thick, padded, black leather blindfold. " She touched his hand briefly and then moved back toward the box. In fact when he returned, as ordered, with the pliers in his hand, the whistling had turned to song. "I ache for the touch of your lips dear, But much more for the touch of your whips, dear…" "The Masochism Tango" by Tom Lehrer. He couldn't see but he was quite sure she was tapping her foot. " From her crouched position she now looked up at him. "Shouldn't think so, there's plenty of air holes and that other noise sounds to me like it could be a fan of some sort." "Yeah, well you could be using up all the air with that heavy breathing of yours! " "Well I'm not usually trying to open a frigging box with only a bent screwdriver and Guy the Bloody Gorilla to help me am I? Blood from the cut was already beginning to seep through the wrapping. " He shook his head a little to clear it of pain and Sheila and then he moved over to the sofa, picked up the saw's plug and began looking for the nearest socket. Now in a little while you're going to hear some noise - don't be frightened, it'll seem loud but we're doing it to get you out of there. The sun had gone in and one of the frequent squally showers that had been around for the last few days was beating against the windows. To put her behind him so that he could look inside but Sheila wasn't easily sidelined. He followed, not wanting to lose sight of her in the smoke. Glistening as if it had been coated with something. Almost like mucous, but the black lining was still receding as if it had previously been filled with something and it continued to hiss. In her hands was another towel with which she was drying her fluffy blonde hair. A sort of silvery stuff." Suddenly he was by her side. "A mercury switch is exactly what it says it is: a switch filled with mercury and because mercury is a liquid metal it's very sensitive to movement.

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But instead she initiated a Do While loop where she recalled a previous boyfriend with a larger pointer. " This caused his stack to overflow, and he shot his GUI on her interface. I was holding my two fingers with my other hand, and didn't really understand this act. Thus to order four you hold up just on finger, the one next to you little finger (normally the ring finger is it called) - thecoshman (1) @Biosci3c: Intel sort of screwed the pooch on something in the pentium processor's FPU which caused a division error and didn't admit fault until it became huge news. He showed them both a shiny metal box with two slots in the top, a control knob, and a lever. The program would use that darkness level as the index to a 16-element table of initial timer values.… continue reading »

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