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15-Jan-2017 01:37

Each episode is a mortifying glimpse into our collective future, and some seemingly outlandish concepts have even come true (David Cameron, we’re looking at you…) The Charlie Brooker creation has an uncanny ability to predict the years ahead.

So if you’re looking for a cheat-guide glimpse into 2021, 3021, or a time when we all live on Mars because we had to escape robotic killer bees, you’ll be pleased to know all takes place in one ‘universe’, after fans noticed Easter eggs that appear to link several different episodes of the show.

Even a 20th Century ankle-monitoring device can detect when it's been deactivated. I've never felt the sun on my face or breathed real air or floated in the water. For three generations, The Ark has kept what's left of the human race alive, but now our home is dying, and we are the last hope of mankind. I was sceptical at first as I am not a huge fan of the CW's channel however I realised that this is an exception to that thought.

There’s one that aggregates the whole season, and then there’s a trailer for each episode, which you can see below.

After the Ark's life support systems are found to be critically failing, one hundred juvenile prisoners are declared "expendable" and sent to the surface in a last ditch attempt to determine if Earth is habitable again.

The teens arrive on a beautiful planet they've only seen from space.

Confronting the dangers of this rugged new world, they struggle to form a tentative community.

However they discover that not all humanity was wiped out.

There are people on Earth who survived the war, called "grounders" by the 100....

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