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Tree species change along the stream’s path with an attendant carpet of offspring: ash, beech, oak, hickory and sugar maple.

Though a season of low rainfall affects the stream’s virility, it still rushes and tumbles over rock slabs and boulders in the narrow and relatively young ravine before it joins The Big Flat Brook.

Nearly everywhere you look there are rocks; big ones, little ones, sometimes fields of them.

Curious explorers cannot help but wonder why some have drawn enough attention in days gone by to have been given names of their own.

In some spots, the shallow water exposes the stream’s bottom, forming islands of moss, sedges, wild impatiens and other water lovers.

There are garden vignettes everywhere in Tillman Ravine such as Nature’s Asian-style gardens of moss-covered tree trunks, rocks and earth.

Just a few miles south of Lambertville lies an area ripe for weekend adventure and exploration.

Components of local, national, and natural history are well represented, as well as brilliant prospects for craft seekers, hikers, mountain bikers, horseback riders, and picnickers.

Musconetcong Gorge Reservation has a special mix of natural and human history that makes it a rewarding botanical site in the late spring months of May and June.

In June their lush trusses of white and pink further by blossoms feed the eyes and soul.

The trail turns uphill and away from Tillman Brook for a while where the soil has eroded to expose hemlock roots on its surface.

Warren County's Scott's Mountain, so named since at least 1885, is known locally as Montana Mountain, named for the small hamlet that sits on its scenic plateau.

Nearby Merrill Creek Reservoir, with its vast open waters and network of wooded trails, is deserving of any excursion up the mountain.Across the stream, the embankment rises with lanky native Great Rhododendron, a.k.a.