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We promote empowerment through direct services and community education, advocating for the right of every individual to live a life free of intimidation, exploitation and abuse.

Our vision is provide the tools to empower our community to break the cycle of domestic violence.

Regardless of their gender or sexual preference, those who experienced abuse as children are more likely to become abusive themselves in adult intimate relationships.

Lenore Walker's theory of The Cycle of Abuse explains how patterns of abusive behavior endure.

In any given shelter, they found, 40-84% of the residents are victims of domestic violence.

But it can also manifest over the long term as chronic physical problems like arthritis, hypertension, and heart issues.

Existing medical conditions can similarly be aggravated by sustained physical abuse.

For victims for whom domestic violence leads to PTSD, they struggle with a long-term psychological disorder that can be challenging to diagnose and conquer.

According to the report "Women, Domestic Violence, and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)" by Margaret J.To immediately leave our site and be directed to a default page, click the purple escape button in the upper right corner of the website or the purple bar that will appear as you scroll further down in this page. You have the right to get help - no one deserves to be abused. Vrain Valley provides a comprehensive system of programs and services to address the needs of victims of domestic abuse: Our services includes: Safe Shelter’s next 30-hour volunteer training begins Febuary 6, 2018.

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