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Write down what you need to advocate for your students especially if it is a child sexual abuse case.

Read more on case notes and subpoenas: Subpoenas, Court Orders and the Trusting Relationship (ASCA School Counselor, March/April 2006) Confidentiality, Privileged Communication and Your Legal Muscle (ASCA School Counselor, March/April 2012) CONFIDENTIALITY/NEED TO KNOW In the past, administrators have asked me to break student confidentiality regarding matters that, in my opinion, aren’t need-to-know. Is it insubordination to refuse to give that information?

Recently a student’s mother called me and told me her son had shared with her that one of his friends was being physically abused.

When I met with the boy in question, however, he denied being abused. If something happens in the future, will I held liable because I did not report it to the authorities?

Here are some suggestions for dealing with the confidentiality issue: If you believe the requester of confidential information would support and help a student if the requester had the information, then ask the student if you can share what the requester needs to know.

Sometimes we may need to give out information without consulting a student, but this will be the rare exception.

Failure to recognize the power of words in conveying difficult information diminishes opportunities for growth and moves people away from rather than toward good resolutions.

Read more on confidentiality and the need to know: Confidentiality and the Need to Know (ASCA School Counselor, January/February 2006) In Loco Parentis, Substantial Interest and Qualified Privilege (ASCA School Counselor, September/October 2006) Bridging the Gap (ASCA School Counselor, January/February 2012) Confidentiality vs.

Without the assurance of confidentiality, many students would not seek our help.

The school counselor owes a special duty to exercise reasonable care to protect students from harm, and this includes protecting their right to privacy and respecting their confidences.