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I still like those women just as much as everyone else I am attracted to.” A crude way of measuring where someone’s attractions lie is the old Kinsey Scale. Everything in between is by definition bisexual, with 3 representing a 50/50 attraction to men and women (unfortunately non-binary people aren’t featured).

1,2,4 and 5 are, then, categories compared to the 1 which both gay, straight and 50/50 bisexual people have.

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Bisexuality is just what it says on the tin: an attraction to more than one gender.

Bisexual Women of Toronto (Bi Wo T) offers a community where bisexual/pansexual/fluid women and women questioning their sexuality can share diverse perspectives on bisexual issues and experiences.

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It’s an intrusive and unnecessary enquiry, akin to “Do you have a boyfriend a girlfriend?

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"It’s not a lie that I am bisexual and I like women, and anyone that wants to twist this into ‘she says she’s bisexual for marketing,’ this is a f****** lie," she said in an interview.

Not only are many bisexuals not equally attracted to more than one gender, some report that their attraction shifts.

A poll by , a website for bisexual women, showed that 28% of readers found this shift happened often; 44% reported that it happened sometimes; 12% were not sure and 16% said it never happened to them.” Unless they steer the conversation in that direction themselves, there’s simply no reason you need to know anything about a stranger or acquaintance’s bisexuality except the fact that they identify as bisexual.