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The aim of this study was to review the literature to determine the feasibility, acceptability, effectiveness, and implementation of health professional–led group videoconferencing to provide education or social support or both, into the home setting.Electronic databases were searched using predefined search terms for primary interventions for patient education and/or social support.The goal of this video conference was to give my school’s mock trial team, - which I coach - a chance to learn the 'hearsay rule' from Ms.Fahad’s perspective as an addition to my instruction on this topic.Overall acceptability was high with access from the home highly valued and little concern of privacy issues.Some participants reported preferring face-to-face groups. Good information technology (IT) support and training is required for facilitators and participants.

The goal of the students in my class - to convince 2/3rds or more of the students in the CAMS US Government course to vote in favor of the proposed amendment.

For a brief description of the video conferences my social studies students have benefited from over the past two years, please see the examples below. Names in our Textbook, a case in which the court ruled that Warren Harding Junior High School could not punish Ms.

Names in the News - the Hyattsville, Maryland City Council member mentioned in a 2015 Washington Post article entitled "Hyattsville Becomes Second U. Tinker for wearing a black armband in school in support of a truce in the Vietnam War.

It is also conducive to the special education classroom. For best results, I suggest using the video conferencing technology listed below: Above all, I highly suggest working with your school's technology staff well ahead of the scheduled video conference to ensure that all the technology works as it should.

The SMHS/SMUSD technology staff has provided immeasurable support in this regard. Paschall described the Hyattsville City Council decision in detail and - in response to a question - helped my students strategize how best to convince the San Marino City Council to adopt a similar measure.Communication can be adapted for the Web environment and would be enhanced by clear communication strategies and protocols.