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Did you know that Saudi Arabia once hosted a thriving Jewish community?For almost a thousand years (three times longer than the Jews have been in America), Jews lived in the oases of Teyma, Khaybar, and Yathrib (later known as Medina), in the northern Arabian Peninsula. Hagai Mazuz, an Orientalist specializing in Arabic language, Islam, and Islamic culture, They were powerful and wealthy.They were respected by the local Arabian tribes for their religion, culture, erudition, and literacy.They built castles on mountaintops and developed productive plantations. Sometimes the hostility among them broke out into actual fighting.

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He instructed his friends to murder and decapitate Ka’b Ibn al-Ashraf, a renowned Jewish poet and chief of the Banu Nadir (date farmers tribe), and ordered his followers, “Kill every Jew you can.” Mohammed then besieged the Banu Qaynuqa (blacksmith tribe), knowing that the other two Jewish tribes would not come to their aid.Although the Banu Qaynuqa were proficient warriors, the lack of food and water due to the siege weakened them to the point of surrender. If I were reading a Hollywood screenplay that developed like this, I would reject it as unrealistic and absurd.